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About Deepika


Over 21 years of experience serving small to mid-sized business owners, Franchise sales,and is heading commercial Division  at Re/max United. Deepika specializes in consulting with business owners to properly prepare their business for sale, so when presented to a well qualified buyer, the business owner can get the top dollars she is seeking. Over the years, she has worked with hundreds of business owners and thousands of business buyers. She knows what’s required and how to present a business in order to command top dollars.

Deepika is member of the NAR, licensed Illinois RE and Business Broker since 1996. Deepika’s credentials include a Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Nutrition, Education, and MBA with majors in Marketing.

As such, she follows a strict code of ethics, understands the current business market and has achieved proven results in the field. This gives buyers and sellers peace of mind as they move forward with transactions, knowing that Deepika has the knowledge and experience needed for a smooth process and transition.

Deepika is a leading Business Broker and an expert in Franchise Sales for some of the most prosperous and successful small businesses in Chicago Metropolitan and Suburban Areas. Her sound advice and expertise in negotiating and creative financing have helped many people become thriving business owners. She has and is successfully brokering deals for Gas stations, Liquor/C-stores, Restaurants, Fast Food Franchises, can proudly affirm that she has helped many people fulfill their wish to own a business and continues to assist in brokering business ventures in all of Northern Illinois and in all Chicago Metropolitan  Area Suburban cities and towns.